After various careers ranging from Royal Air Force
technician, through driving a van and disk-jockeying on
pirate radio ship Radio 270, to running an IT company,
Mike has discovered the art of painting in retirement.

A self-taught late-starter who now spends his time
equally between Amsterdam, where he's lived since
1968, and Silvarouvres in France.

He paints in whatever style/technique takes his fancy
enjoying abstract, portraits and landscapes.

Why do I paint?
The challenge is to complete a work which first
satisfies me and then satisfies others. I don’t
want to limit my ‘output’ by concentrating on
one particular genre, e.g. not only portraits or
landscapes. I prefer to experiment with many
different subjects and styles with varying

As far as my personal development is
concerned I have been very lucky to receive
private instruction from a retired Professor
of Art, Klaus Jürgen-Fischer, in the techniques
of the old masters and this has opened up new
possibilities for me and presented new challenges.

I was fortunate that, when he was President of
France, Nicholas Sarkozy graciously accepted my
gift of my portrait of him.

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background and history information.